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Showing posts from October 1, 2010
SNSD FTW. :D i love all 9!

how i wish i have this kind of girls standing, playing, quarreling,shopping with me!
i really <3 how the way these girls spent their love with each other :D
it's really not easy to find a group of friends whom they'll stay with you side by side always.

anyway, life had been pretty not bad i guessed?
its just that work is tiring me, ive to stand all day long and worst of all, there's no customers!
it makes work boring, you know.
anyway, i've sent in my application for relief teacher.
yes, im trying to take up the job as a reflief teacher, guessed it'll be another skill for me to experience and learn :)
not too bad.

and life tmr continues with work.
and im attending Global Entrepolis Singapore next week!
how i wish i have more jobs like that!

okay, that's all for now!