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"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." -Anais Nin

Good evening to all my dearest readers!
how's your day??
hopefully it is a fine or rather a super good day for you!

we, my day wasnt that gracious thou.
i tried to wake up at 630am today so that i can bathe and travel to school by TRAIN + BUS.
but i woke up so late again!
oh no, i woke up at 743am when i need to leave my house at 730am latest.
dang! i have to bathe and when im out, it was already 8am. argh.
i've got no choice but to take cab again.
i cant wake up early and im always late for morning school.
i need to fixed this up and hopefully turning this into a habit.

Semester is coming to an end soon,
and i'm left with 1 week of school. *yippie*
but there's Communication Skills Test this coming sat. 3107.
damn, spoil my fun! ):
but anyway, i just have to state my priority first.
hopefully i score well for this test …
hihi dearest beloved loveliest readers!
i hope you didnt forget this girl who is always lazy to blog.
yayayaya, i know i haven't update for a few years.
opps, not a few years, just a few months.
it's been a rather busy month or perhaps, i'll say its the busiest month ever in Poly Life.
shocrtcut- tests, exams, projects.
the projects were really "out-of-hand"
the datelines were so near to each other that i almost "broke down" from it.
However, im glad and lucky to have a bunch of wonderful groupmates~
and i wanna thank god for giving me such awesome people.

okay, what's happening?
Monday was my last presentation of all projects.
they day which all of us were waiting for!
after that because the presentation ended early,
so friends suggested to go for pizzahut.
im waiting for my beloved ahjumah to arrive, so i just followed them in first :)
to my surprise or rather to all of my friend's surprise, the service there was AWESOME.
ohmytian, i dono whether to describe a…