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hihi people!
glad that im off from work today,
super tired.
im not gonna elaboate much.
just that i had some pictures earlier that i wanna post up but no time to do so.
so i shall post them up now.

enjoy :)

hiii peepps!
been busy with work this few days,
just a short post for now.
im working for 12 hours today and i cant imagine i have to stand as long as 11 hours, apart from lunch break.
but im glad that im off this friday :)

next week onwards is taka's card holder week
they get to enjoy further discounts so next week is a busy week as well.
work till 9 plus or 10.
im off now. BYE!

Hiii peeps!
meeting saline and stupid dawn for steamboat just now :]
finally going out :]
here are the pictures of band visiting on monday! :)

we met at 7pm and both of them late late!
saline went to reborn her hair and people ask her for number!
hahahas! she got "kidnapped" by a few boys!
who ask her so seexy! HHAHAHA.
we are now extremely bloated. gomzzz.
we went to "Happy Pay Steamboat"
LOL, remind me of paymummy :]

goooodddd day peopleeee.
went to centrepoint with chou yuzhen for her interview.
then aunty asked me go make a tag at centrepoint's branch first, in future, i will be transferred over there.
i hope i can transfer there asap.
dont wanna stay long at taka cause no familiar faces.
but its less stress la.

after that went to eat.
met dawnteo.
walked around orchard then decided to go citylink mall find saline!
but she's on course ):
rawr, wanted to surprise her lor!
then went to archade and slack.
after that took shuttle bus to iluma.
but in the end we did nothing also.
ate mac and bus-ed home.

legs are aching~
hiiii world :)
the advertistment on "cruel temptation" seems addictive.
gonna catch that perhaps.
okay, short post for now first cause got to accompany chou yuzhen to my aunt there for interview.
roar, im in dilemma!
i got a job for scrapbook making! my favvvv! ♥
but its after my robinsons registration.
scrapbook making hiring for friday, sat ,sun.
so maybe try for that days first if robinsons haven inform me when to start work.
my name got to send to the security guard to inform him first.
i want go centrepoint branch!!
so lonely over there ):

went back to band yesterday too :)
intending to pass presents to xiaobudians!
but felicia neh come.
so ask vivien to pass it to her :)
band was alright, just that they seemed small now.
after passing presents, went to pictures.
with muanting now.
got to wait for her.

then went up to find my paymummyyy :)
rawr, she comfirm miss me one! HHAHAH.
she handled me a MICKEY :)
thanks to her and whoever who helped her catch! HAHA.
my paymummy always dote …
Hiiiiiiii :)
went out with chou yuzhen today!
meeting her at 12pm but i woke up at 1 plus instead.
LOL. sorry !
i was watching Beyond the realm of consience till 5am! hahaha.
met her at united square pop.
then went to get materials.
shopp-ed around and makan.
then walk-ed over to Square 2 to look for my flats.
went to take a look at polo tee as well.
wow, polo tee quite ex siol~
in the end, mum bought it for me.

then sat around the resting area to do the things that we are supposed to.
after that we bus-ed down to bugis area to look for pants and flats.
we walked quite a long way.
lol, we get the things at around 8 then went home.
manage to get those basic shirt and pants.
borrowing saline's bag first, got no suitable bag. hehehehe.
see got what nice then buy and then return her bag!
thanks salineee! love you this sardine goh! HAHA.

Picturesss! :)
we are doing cards for some lovelies :)
make your guess! ♥

Toddles :)
beyond the realm of conscience is super addictive :]