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Teenage Gorgeous You x The Face Shop

Hi guys!
Hope your week had been good! Mine was a struggle but I believe God has great plans for me in the coming months! Anyway, I am back with my 5th Challenge by Teenage Magazine and this challenge touched on the topic of “Skincare Myths!” I am so excited to share my skincare journey because I learnt it the hard way and whatever that I am going to share with you guys are journeys I’ve been through and held close to my heart. This is the first ever time I am publishing this on a public platform (I had my worst insecurities due to bad skin since young) and I hope people who are in the same situation as me, to not be despair of your skin condition because with proper care & discipline, your skin WILL improve. The skincare myths that I chose are based on true experiences and I hope from here, you will pick up some helpful tips and begin your skincare journey!
I started late with proper skincare regime and I am a living example of a severe dry skin victim. In fact, I knew my skin wa…