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Showing posts from June 26, 2007


cant blog much this time
cos exams will shoo then come damn fast le.
must study study.

D&T was my fav subject as i'm under ms peh(:
LOL.but now i'm under mrs han.):
its like wth.?
nvm.but we have theory most of the time.

history was mr pilo.
he is dan freakin funny!
hahah.his handwriting like pilot areoplane liddat.
move damn slant.hahah.yuzhen couldnt understand wad he was writing

maths was easy.
i'm beginning to love
everytime say say only but later diffcult question then die.
LOL. :/

science lesson was super bored.
mr koh's voice was mono~~~
make us damn sleepy.
everytime i active at all lessons
but dono why attend his lesson will sleep.
lol.if its ms pay our teacher and she found out that we feel sleepy,
we kana scolding la.LOL :x
hahah.but she is a wonderful teacher(:

opera performance is on that day!
lol.i'm taking over lixing's place and wonder if she having roles anot.
tmr got opera practice and hopefully she got a role.