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Short 21st birthday post (super belated) + My lovebites cookies!

Hello everyone!

Updating my blog at such unearthly hour again but what's new right.  *inserts the smirk emoji*
and i'm down with throat infection once again, because of the fried, BBQ, grilled and whatever unhealthy method of cooking for food contributes to this. and i hate to drink - Plain water. SIGH. Gonna replenish myself with lots of herbal tea from now onwards. I'm such an unhealthy girl, but healthy food doesn't taste nice, so you can't blame me for choosing one over the other.

There's 2 main purpose for this blog post. Beginning from this: My 21st birthday. 
I realized I did not blog about my 21st birthday because it's way too many things to be done. I've a large files of photos, like really LARGE, im too lazy to update them all one by one and so...... i've uploaded on facebook, thus tag yourself there! hehe. im sorry, one of my trait lies in that that I'm a super lazy girl. #canthelp

Trying so hard to slice the cake because it was really…