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Hi there. I blogged about everything that I feel like it. I may be a plain jane but i carry the biggest dream ever in hoping to turn them into reality. "Dreams do come true, for if you believe in them"

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Shoot x Whipout (by Jeran)
25 May 2016 11:29:00 PM 0 comments

Just sharing some photos shot by Jeran (Instagram: @_whipout_)


Blessed Day <3

Business Study Mission to Taiwan: 8th May to 14th May
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BSM Taiwan Trip was indeed an insightful one.
We embarked on a trip to Taiwan to explore the various SMEs.
It was my first time to Taiwan, (Taipei -Taichung) & I was really excited to go there and flaunt my mandarin skills. LOL. Just kidding.
I was really excited to explore the culture there especially after hearing people raving how good Taiwan is.
I kinda prefer Tai Chung to Taipei though, maybe because Taipei is too modernized, a little similar to what we can see in Singapore.
But, Taiwan has been really awesome with wonderful people. ;')

I'm revamping my blog to be less of writing but more pictures instead.
So, here are my groups of 台Baes (trying to learn to be a little pun LOL)

Here's me, ended up like I shopped and eat a lot. (but I didn't ok. HAHHA) 

Forced bobopox to help me to take nice pictures. LOL (vain max)

Here comes my most interesting part of the trip!
The food :D
We visited Xi Men Ding, Raohe Market and Fengjia (in Taichung) 
Just can't get enough of them. Explains why I needed to fix my body now. (but I'm lazy to exercise as well. I need a personal trainer to fix my discipline. sigh)
But here's a list of street food we get to try! woohooo


Taiwan Sausage! (yums)

I got this from Fengjia Night Market at Taichung, probably one of the best 奶茶 I've ever came across. :')

This corn thingy is another amazing creation as well. 

The must-have 鸡排。(missing all the food T.T)

棺材板 is absolutely amazing :')

Roger, our tour leader kindly went to get the highly raved sandwich while we were giving our final presentation in Taiwan. (so touched. :') )

Probably the best 木瓜奶茶 ever!!! LIKE REALLY!! 

Definitely did not have enough time to explore Taiwan much. 
I would love to be back some day again. 
In the meantime, next stop: HONGKONG. 


My SG50 Mediacorp Advertisement
03 July 2015 2:37:00 AM 1 comments

Hello Readers,

Sorry for neglecting this little space of mine.
I'll try to blog more often and YES, i need to because there are a few  beauty products which I've  yet to post them!
Thank You Andrina from JPL who constantly sent me products!
And so far, I love all of them and have been using them!
I  am thinking of setting up a Youtube channel to show my Make up tutorial soon, how about that? ;)

Now, just a little update, if you are a follower on my instagram/twitter/facebook, basically my social media networks, you will know that I am currently embarking on Channel5's new long form drama- TANGLIN. I am playing Shenny, which is one of Pam's sidekick and I believe she is one who is easily influenced. haha, watch to find out! The responses so far were great and thank you for supporting Tanglin. It's a pity Shenny will not have much arc in the character development, but hopefully you, audiences, will like her and let her be in the future seasons with more character development story!

Oh, Tanglin is on Every weeknights, 830pm  only on Channel5! :)

ok, I think i'm a little slow in updating the next part of the post.
My friends or random followers on my instagram had tagged me or inform me on the advertisement which is currently ongoing on TV/big TV on streets! (like the one right smack on top of bugis street).
Yes, the Mediacorp SG50 xoxo advertisement which I did few months back was up for quite some time and tbh, I am really blessed to be part of it. My ah gong has been showing me flying kisses whenever I meet him. :')

Here are some random pictures we took while we were shooting it!
It was a whole load of fun!

For those who have not catch it, here you go! 
Tweet me at @joycelicious
Instagram me @jwanting
Facebook me @JOYCEwanting

the next time you see "me" on streets!

Ciao~ xoxo

Still Cuts from "beyond me" & nails update from official sponsor: @ge.nails!
27 March 2015 5:46:00 PM 0 comments

Hello all!
Its me again! Pretty excited for what is coming up after exams but first, have to tackle this hell exam period first definitely! :p
Many many good news coming along the way and I am truly blessed to have these opportunities knocking on my door. Thank you god for everything :)

Now, here are some updates from my nails sponsor! I'm already on my 3rd set of gelish nails and I am always so amazed by Jeanne because she practically knows how to draw every single design which I showed her.

This was the blue nails I had for Chinese New Year 2015!

Was brainstorming on what nails should i do for CNY because I wanted something unique!
I don't really want the typical "CNY" nails like having some 对联 or angpaos on my nails. This is purely my personal preference, some may like them. All i knew was that I wanted gradient nails. And me being me, I am always not able to walk out of my safety colours like pink/gold/white. (HAHAH I'm boring like that. No la, it is because i know myself too well. these colours would suit me more generally.) So, I decided to try for blue gradient nails! Thanks to Jeanne, the blue was so pretty! She decorated some of my nails with foil as well. :D So while in the midst of painting them, I came across her CNY nails collection! & obviously I fell in love with the 公仔 on her designs! there, you can see one boy boy and girl girl on my thumb! So cute right! Jeanne DREW them. Wa, I felt nervous for her also because such drawing requires a high level of meticulousness. Nevertheless, she did it so well  and I love the 2 cutie 公仔 on my thumb! hehe

The month of March: Dance Production inspired nails

& these are my third and current set of nails done at Jeanne's place! 
Was telling Jeanne I needed a set of new nails to prepare for my annual dance production. 
I was researching on Disney nails at first, you know those Cinderella, Beauty and the beast kind?? but they do not really have the designs I really really love. So it eventually led me to these set of "barbie" nails! I'm loving this set of nails the most. I don't know why but I think because it has most of my favourite colours on them and it just looked pretty. woohoo~  Jeanne re-modified a little as compared to the one I found online & its looking better than the one I researched on. keke. She applied this particular pink gel polish which changes its colour according to the temperature I am experiencing!
So when I am in a hot area or feeling warm, the pink nails will be in light pink colour. However, when I am in a cold area or feeling cold, it will turn to a dark pink or champagne red in colour. Super
"chio"! Look at those blings that are on my nails? Jeanne stick them one by one! kudous for her hardworking, meticulous work as always! Still deciding what should I do for my next set of nails~ Love how Jeanne always took great care of my nails!

You can find Jeanne from Instagram! www.instagram.com/genails.sg!
& forgot to mention, Jeanne charges her nails services at an affordable price!
Time to pamper your nails!

Still cuts from "Beyond Me"- A shoot for EVA Airways Competition

Was shooting with an awesome team yesterday for a competition organized by EVA Airways!
You will love the stills especially when the team  knows how to capture your best angles always!
there are so many footage which I'm absolutely in love with!
Of course, it will be good if we could win this competition because after all we spent hours under the hot sun just to capture the best clips. HAHHA if we don't, then maybe we are just not fated with it & shall just include this into our respective portfolio and memories! It was a fun shoot because everyone was flexible with what they are doing & created something which most of us liked. Do head over to my instagram at www.instagram.com/jwanting to view the video! If you like it, why not just double tap it and let us know? :D 

Now, am off to continue my projects!
Blessed Friday all! :)

31 January 2015 2:02:00 AM 0 comments

Hi Readers,

It's been long since I last blogged. Been really busy these few months with work and school.
As much as I would love to update more often, time is not allowing me to do so. sigh.
However, I'll try my best to update frequently!

Today, I'm introducing Jeanne's - GEnails services! 
First up, I'm happy to announce that GEnails will be my official nails sponsor! So blessed to have Jeanne on board! The owner of the humble home-based nails salon is a bubbly and friendly lady who served her customers with all her heart. She will talk to you and bring up never ending topics so that you will feel comfortable together.

GEnails was founded in September 2013 with Jeanne going over to her customer's house to perform nail services. This had brought convenience to the ladies who wants to beautify their nails yet they have no time to go the nail salons. Hence, Jeanne, together with her luggage which is full or nails products, will get to the client's houses!

However in August 2014, Jeanne found out that certain houses might not be suitable to carry out the nail services due to several factors like space constraints. Therefore, she created "GE Nails Home based salon" located at North Bridge Road.

When I first visited her home-based salon, I was rather surprised! I expected a home-based salon to be less equipped, more simple or basic tools etc. But Jeanne's home based salon has everything! Practically like walking into a nail Salon!

Fully equipped with the relevant tools for your pedicure. 

This is where Jeanne does my nails! She has EVERYTHING a nail salon has. The side cupboards are full of nail polish! 

Jeanne is patiently servicing my nails~ First let me take a selfie of her working hard! hehe

Jeanne hard at work, filing my nails with great care!

Continue filing my ugly nails!

What did I said previously on top? GEnails has everything a nail salon has! She had all the equipment, tools, decorations with her! Ask and you shall be given!

1. Nails Decorations/Tools

I have a soft spot for all these 3D designs and blings blings! Jeanne has lots of designs for you to choose from if you, too, like something that "pops" out from your fingers. (I love that 3D feel haha)

Here are more designs of the 3D charms! I love the ribbons, what about you? :)

Here are some of the samples Jeanne did! Loving the metallic coloured nails!

2. Nail polish

Afraid you have no colours of your choice? Think again after looking at Jeanne's collections :)

My Choice of nails.....
I was actually spoilt for choices! Jeanne gave me a few nail magazines to look through and choose the designs and I wanted every set i swear! 
They were all so beautiful! But I have only 10 fingers. What to do? 
So me being me, I choose the sweet nails of course! With things like pink and white base nail polish and pokka dots with 3D ribbons on it! Some princessessy nails! Yay!

Jeanne concentrating on sticking the glue.

Adding on the blings! 

3. Events/Parties
Apart from going to customer's places or the home based salon, Jeanne is also available for events or parties like Birthdays, Bridesmaids gathering etc!

Jeanne was sharing with me when she did children's nails at a birthday party! 
And yes, she has something for the kids as well! 

This is still my personal favourite! 

Some samples Jeanne designed them! 

And tada! Here's my completed nails! Its so beautiful I did not want to take them off for long. But still, due to work, i could only have them on for 2 weeks. Sigh, cant wait for the next time I go back to Jeanne to get the next set! 

4. Upcoming Chinese New Year

As Chinese New year is approaching, I urge you to book your appointment early with Jeanne to dolly up your nails! Jeanne's schedule is actually quite packed now already. Therefore, you might want to consider an advance booking from her to avoid disappointment!

Here are some promotions and new designs by GEnails!

Quickly book an appointment now to schedule your nails session! 
(As per what I've saw on Jeanne's latest post, there weren't lots of dates left!)

These are the new CNY designs Jeanne came out with! You can also search the net or magazines for inspirations and get back to Jeanne! She can do almost everything! Too amazing!

Thank You GEnails for an amazing experience and a quality set of nails!

Find out more about GEnails at: www.genails.sg
'Like' their fb page: www.facebook.com/genails.sg
Follow their instagram: @genails.sg
Book an appt withK Jeanne at: 9187 6328 
(Bookings to be made at least 3 days in advance, subject to availability)
Email enquiries at: askus@genails.sg
"I can't wait for my next appointment with Jeanne for another round of beautiful nails!"
Goodnight and have a blessed night everyone!