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Jwanting x Ezbuy: Unboxing W.Lab Pink Beauty Spring Box

Hi Guys! 
This is an interesting post because I am unboxing the
W.Lab's Pink Beauty Spring Box
I can't take my eyes off the gorgeous pink box with more pinkie makeup stuff right inside! 
Thank You EzBuy for sending them over! 
I'm in love with this series! 

Let's get started!
Firstly, let's get the gorgeous box out here! 
Even the spring box also so chio! (My favourite colour!) 
Unboxing it gives me 4 items from W.lab: 
1) W-AIRFIT Cushion
2) W-AIRFIT Powder Pact
3) Whiteholic; quick whitening cream 
4) Real Fit Brush liner (black) 

So, we have 4 gorgeous items here!


 This is W.Lab's Airfit cushion which serves to provide the perfect cover this Spring! 

Since spring is arriving (& yes, we all know that Koreans are the experts in coming up with makeup bases that are catered to different seasons), this cushion from W.lab is not excluded as well! 
Spring is a season whereby the Koreans would probably feel kinda "dust full," hence, this is the said perfect cover cushion to prepare you for the Spring season! Well, Singapore is worst right, we need to be perfectly covered from our crazy weather nowadays! 

The Cushion provides: 
1. No Dryness as it provides moisture to skin by the flower water essence coating 
2. Reduces skin stress with skin protection components such as ECTON
3. Soothing of sensitive skin by relieving skin trouble via "Calamine"
4. Clean skin by protecting against contamination from the Pink Hole Filter (see below! I thought this was such a brilliant idea! to reduce contamination, because if you've sensitive skin and gets contamination easily, you can just use a wet tissue to slightly clean the top of the filters before pressing the cushion for the next pump!) 
In addition, the AIRFIT cushion consists of UV protection function too! (lovely! Sunblock is the way to go! and it is super important to get cushions with UV protection included!! I need the double protection apart from regular sunblock!)

What I like about this Cushion is that, W.lab has thoughtfully created a packaging which needed to press against the pink filter holes to get the liquid. This helps control the amount you need to apply on your face. Such can prevent you from smacking too much liquid of your face and it may result in many layers or cakey feeling on your face. 

Furthemore, the airfit cushion just do not need me to put a lot of the liquid on my face and it could get my prominent spots and dark eye circles pretty much covered! 


I am a frequent user of the Cushion + Compact Powder combination. 
I always like to lock my makeup bases down with a compact powder which does not dilute and hide away my previous makeup base but to enhance what was applied previously. 

Also, the reason why I love using compact powder as my finishing base was because it keeps me away from the "Sticky" situation on my face when cushion/liquid foundation applied on. 
It keeps my skin smooth after applying the powder. 

The AIRFIT cover powder pact creates a powdery skin with oil-absorbing micro powder to keep you makeup fresh and non-sticky for the whole day! 
The AIRFIT Cover Compact Powder helps to
1) Brightens complexion with the pink tone formula (by W.Lab)
2) Act as blotting paper because the powder keeps your face smooth and fresh
3) Sebum proof & sweat proof
4) Complexion smoothing and flawless finish
5) Fixes makeup for longer lasting effect 

I don't have to explain much on the cover compact powder because I deem it as a necessity for my makeup finishing and true enough, this airfit powder managed to produce & keep my makeup intact. 
The amazing thing here is that the powder provides a slight whitening effect before the rest of the makeup products goes up to my face! 

THIRD: WHITEHOLIC - Quick whitening cream 

The W.Lab Whiteholic has an interesting tagline.
 "Naturally fair skin - pretend to be bare face, pretend to be originally white."

So, I would assume that this cream is going to do wonders like correction of our skin tones & making skin brighter. 

I've actually utilized this cream not long after it was sent to me by Ezbuy. 
The following 2 pictures are NOT FILTERED at all to release the truth of the product itself. 

The Whiteholic; Quick whitening cream aims to: 
1) Produce immediate whitening 
2) Shows our natural skin (pretend to be bareface with clean products)
3) Cover blemishes
4) Provide moisture 

I was quite amazed by the cream, to be honest. 
Through the unfiltered pictures, you probably can see the difference in my skintone. 
It instantly whitens, literally like smacking cream onto your face but of course this cream is way more sustaining! It helps to create a "brand new base" such that whatever that are applied onto the layer thereafter produces better & long lasting results!

Though, I feel that it isn't strong enough to cover blemishes (if your blemishes are pretty bad and you need a stronger concealer to do it). 


W.Lab's Real Fit Brush Eyeliner goes by the tagline "Ultimate key to clear & vivid eye lines"

One of the key point for this eyeliner is its ability to draw seamless vivid lines without showing awkward cracks in between lines. It is an easy and smooth application! 

Brush eyeliner is ULTRA Fine as well. (as you can see from above. This allows beginners who just learnt liners to properly control their eye lines drawn.) 

 Since the product information said it was "Perfect anti smudging & waterproof," I got it tested!
I ran it under the tap alone and nope the liners colour stayed. 
I rubbed it super duper hard with my fingers hoping to get rid of the 2 awkward lines on my hand, it can't be easily erased. I had to use a proper eye make-up remover and double cleanse it to remove thoroughly. 

I love how long lasting, smudged and waterproof liners are because I don't have to worry that the eye liners would go all over my face. (I don't want to look like a panda)  
I love the liners and I trust in this! 

One common likable thing about W.Lab's beauty spring box is that, all the products smelt really good! I can't stop smelling them! It also feels really great that your makeup products from W.Lab begins with giving you a super pleasant smell!

(Evidence on top) ^ Pretty packing & nice smelling elements in the products just kept me occupied!

Too gorgeous, I can't take my eyes off all the products. :')

Thank You EzBuy for sending me this gorgeous box! 

You can get your own W.Lab's Spring beauty box to prepare your skin for a change of season! 
Get them from because well, its free agent fee right now, the cheapest & most convenient platform! (they have so many ways for you to collect your stuff!)

I'm actually a frequent user of Ezbuy & I got to say they are a really lovely platform because you get your products translated to you in English from Taobao (which is in Chinese)! & also, their platforms had categories that can help you to identify what you are looking for! (Simple and relevant interface!) 

Don't say I bojio, try out EZBUY's services with free $10 shopping voucher (with min spending of $20!) via my unique URL:

Thank You EZBUY & WLAB for having me onboard! 
It was truly fun to explore the beautiful Spring Box! 


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