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Showing posts from March, 2009
Helloha everyone!
it's been some time since i've updated my blog!
yeayea, it's the same old reason. LOL.
my com hasnt been fixed.
Sec 4 life is really terrrible. you cannot afford to rest even an hour.
there are so many homework, projects and all to be done.
plus there's SYF.
even sat have to come back for band practice.
today will be our band concert performance along with somw other schools.
we will be wearing our brand new uniform soon! HEHE!
GLAD! that's one happy thing to be happy for.

yesterday we had our sports day at YIO CHU KANG.
kind of useless, i;m not running this year so nothing special.
well, my mid year examinations is just 3-4 weeks away.
it's gonna be tested on sec 3 work till now.
GOSH. i have to memorise my SS and HIST !
if not there's not enough time.
even chem has to memorized the formula and everything.
lots of things to kill my brain cells. ARGH.
luckily there's ms kalipop to study with me every sunday.
to catch up my work + homework [:
this sunday ag…