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hihi dearies! ♥
today was a fine day for schooling.
lucky us that we belong to singapore.
a safe country with no natural disasters happening.

However, countries like Myanmar and China's Sichuan province people are not as lucky as us.
I'm sure that majority of us had heard the 7.9 earthquake in china's Sichuan and the cyclone in Myanmar yes?
Seems like mother nature is angry with us, so we have to learn to appreciate the natural nature.

when i bought the newspaper this morning,
and i saw the number of deaths, injured, trapped and missing people.
I felt a tremor in my heart. the numbers of people was really a large one!
DEAD: 14,866
INJURED: 64,746
TRAPPED: 25,788
MISSING: 1,405
[statics known as on 15th may]

look at the statics above.
it is really a sadden thing for china.
and one part of China that the earthquake attacked was a school.
when the students were studying.
and it happened!
it took away lots of lives.
young lives.

this news is really sad and i'm glad that all countries are helpin…