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Showing posts from May 3, 2008
Hihi dearies :)
decided to drop by to blog.
my silent readers are awaiting my story. :D

English paper back last friday was alright.
at first, was kinda struggling in paper 1 but it was alright at the end.
but the most foolish thing is the letter format!
i actually wrote address but decided to cancel it.
paper 2 was neutral too la [:
not too bad, hopefully i can pass man.

did paper 1 chinese and social studies exams today [:
it was alright la.
dawn, you better score well for it huh. :)
i teach u de, u better SCORE! hahas!
i'm meeting dawn at starbucks tmr. (:
mugging there again :)
she's studying her physics while i'm coping with maths.
hopefully i get my maths done man.

passed down by fiona :D

1. What will I be most focused on most of the time?
- Catching up my HK dramas.
- Solving my "Rubik's" cube {by that shenghui la :p}
- Mugging with my dawnieteo at usual starbucks.
- photoshooting and dacinggg!

2. What do you want the most now?
- i wanna meet my idols!