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Showing posts from May 18, 2010
YUMMY YUMMY! hi people! how are you all today? i guessed all the secondary students just finished with thier mid-sem test and all are quite relax. and so its the polys turn now. less than 2 weeks, im gonna have my mid-sem test. well, of course i hope to get good results. and i just finished a heavy module- Commskills [YES]! so im left back with econs, business accounting, principles of management and Computer. and who has poly life is easier? it gets tougher and tougher, challenging and more challenging. projects + projects + projects and its still projects. zzz this friday i need to hand up my computer project and i knew nothing about it. argh, whatever. then there's econs indivdual project. there's POM group project by 24th may.! SIANNZZXXZZ. and business project due on 12th july. see, what do poly lifes reflect? i just finished my BA tutorial after dance and so im doing my computer project but i felt restless and tired but yet i wanna finished that page of excel and so i decided to blog. not…