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Showing posts from December 8, 2007
hello dearies! =D long time didnt really post. hmmm. picture featuring the show Lethal Weapons Of Love And Passion; i have finished watching the 40 episodes of it and brother fung(raymond lam) & mong yiu (charmaine sheh) was a greatttt couple! :D
yippie yippes yaya! woottt. they story line was great. war happen & twist and turns at the near end.(: you all should watched it. its nice. rating= 9.5/10 (=
they have great chemistry together la! yay!hahas. i just love them together. & i've sign the charray peition and i think u all should too! hahas. they make a perfect match. too bad raymond is younger than charmaine.
i'm now at Yummy Yummy-Food For Life i know we've watched that. i'm re-watching it because of mandy! (charmaine sheh) LOLs. she's so pretty!
& again another charray pairing! raymond and charmaine was being interviewed and raymond say that next time if they partner together again,hope that it could be charmaine is the one who chase him. HAHA! cos in all their pa…