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Showing posts from May 11, 2008
Hihi dearies. :)
hehes. feel like blogging!
i think Victoria now hou hio sum! :D
She got fung's signature on her fung disc and pat gave her sheh's fanclub the exclusive bookmarks!
she gave one to me too! :D
thanks Victoria!
i laminated it for you already :)
and you have to thank me for putting in the ribbon after laminating lor.!
it takes me a long and hard time to put in the ribbon. LOL
have to use needle to poke the hole
and the hole very small, have to force the string in.
LOL! but i did it anyway!
hehehes :D
thanks V for the bookmark! :D
sheh is so prettay! :D

Pictures! ♥
sheh's exclusive bookmarks!

isnt the bookmarks lovely?
hehehes :D