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Hello dearies! =D
welcome back to joyce's entertainment updates!
hahahas! my blog visitor comes from 18 countries la!
hahhaas! :D u wanna know which country ? scroll down to my "past layouts" that parts and see:D

I'm at ah-shi's house right now.
yes. scans those pictures from sehseh and maggie.
my com cant send thru hotmails.
it keep lagging me la.:D
so finally send the photos to sehseh and maggie. :D

i got my physics test today!
YES YES! i think i can make it lor!
i love love love physics lor! :D
hehehehs. Mr Ou is a damn good teacher la!
his teachings really damn shiok! :D hahas.

& selinakang u better pray hard that u dont have examinations on Mar 10-14 2008 lor! :D
so u better pray pray pray hard hor! :p
i have to asked kimkim's relative to take leave to fetch us too! hahas.
hopefully the air tickets are not so expensive lor!
Cathaypacific! :D hehehes.
anyway its not comfirm anyway.
but 70% can goo! :)
so hopefully u better got no test ah.
i wanna go HK's Tseung …
hihi dearies! =D
here to finally update some news of myself :D
yes although tests are mostly over,
abd i just got back some resuilts today.
& i'm freaking sad about it la.
i failed my E-maths ! ):
14/30, with 8 careless mistakes!
i got 56 for chinese.
its like wth?
my chinese has always been my greatest subject but now 56?!
i'm damn damn disappointed with my results la.
i got 19/30 for chemistry!
and i gotta do better next time.
learn my mistakes and try it again.

i'm having physics test tmr!
wish me good luck!
i love physics!~
so hopefully i will get damn good scores for it lor.
all the way joyce! :D
score damn well for physics!

i gotta improve my enlish, my E-maths! & chinese and chem!
infact everything laa.
i gotta from C's go up to A's.
and i wanna top the e5 class la.
i know its hard, but as long as hard work put in,
i belive i'll score what i deserve.

okay. enough of it.

ahhhh. blogger dosent seems to like me la.
i have scan in the pictures and wanting to post it up
hello peoplee! :)

Yeps. i guess all of u know the results of Astro Award.
its quite disappointing la huh.
偶像sheh did not win the best actress thingy lor.
it goes to gigi instead. )):
but 偶像sheh was catogorised with Most Favourite Character number 1! :)
& although lam fung also didnt received any awards,
be he was catogorised with Most Favourite Character number 1 for guy too!:)
i belive 偶像sheh would grab back that award again next year lor.
still have Maiden's Vows & The Drive Of life! :D
i'm sure she can do it de!
All the way 偶像sheh!

i guessed i have to give up my hope that the letter is reaching sehseh's house thingy.
i dun think can make it on time lor.
so forget it bahs.
abit disappointing of course.
it didnt reaches sehseh's house on time.
i guessed i have to called sehseh to mail me back already.
anyway, thanks for it.
if 偶像sheh is going to malaysia again,then i'll speed post to you. :D
hehes. haix.

today is going to be a boring day lor.
just staying at home and st…
hihi dearies! =)

today was a rather anxious day la.
my letter that was sent to malaysia few days ago,
i dont think it reaches sehseh's house yet.
i hope it reached sehseh's house by latest today afternoon la.

Astor Awards TODAY!
Gosh! really hope that 偶像sheh would win lor.
Lt's pray hard for her to win.
its rather scary as we know that astro latest award,
Myolie & 偶像sheh were on tie!
today its going to be on super anxious day la!
gooo 偶像sheh! :)
u gotta make it!

okay. i'm going to stay at home and study my physics today.
SS test will be on week 6.
so henngg!
& i'm re-watching Drive of life! :)
cant wait for forensic heroes 2 to come out la.

i'm currently at Survivor laws II.
its quite nice to watched lor.
damn funny too.
u all should watched it also huh.

Okays. short post for now!
let's cross our fingers that my letter would reached sehseh's house few hours later.
i should sent by speed posting la.
alamak. didnt think of that,
Hi people! :D
update update update! :)

today was a rather fine day!
i'm damn refrehing & as usual Bena is the one who always makes me laugh laa! [:
damn funny!
BENA! u asked in my tagboard will all sheh mis fans stand up?
i'm going to reply you > I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO STAND!
hahahahs! :)
u are damn adorable la!
such a sweet little one! :D

Bena, get enough sleep ah!
if not tmr i cant see your eyes again!
hahas! :D
Chinese test yesterday was damn hard la.!
the whole comprehension cant do finished.
not a single one in full sentence la.
gosh. i'm going to get kana scolded lo.
seems like i'm lack of practice la.
cos of chasing my idol sheh at causeway for 2 days! x=
LOLS! but i enjoyed it!
getting to see my HK idol lehs!
i'm going to buck up on studies.
if not my mum is going to kill me!

Chem test today!
i think of the test ah think until damn complicated la!
just a filtration one answer behind i go put crystallisation!
ahahahs! 5 marks gone liddat!
wth! .…
hello people!=)
today is a damn tired day laa.
was damn damn tired.
i slept at 2am laa and wake up at 5-6 am lor.
damn tired.

went to novena wif shimin, serne and my ongong.
and shimin wanna get prezzie for peiling.
& i wanna go toilet, so ongong accompany me to toilet,
while serene and shimin go get peiling's prezzie.
after we came out from the toilet, we kept calling both of them,
both of them didnt pick up their phones la.
you two ah. damn naughty la.
pangsei us. call u 2 dun wan pick up huh.
i chop ur eyebrown down la.

got hola hop!
hahas! just excercise with it for half an hour.
its damn fun la!
hahas. and i lookretarded when bringing the hula hoop up and down the bus.

Okay, here's an interview with my shehsheh jie, bosco, myolie and kevin.
at the starhub press conference.
especially my shesheh jie okay! hehehes. xD

credits to wintersnowz at youtube.
& saw it rom sehseh's blog.

Hi all!
went to causeway today again!
YES to meet ah-sheh jie, bosco, myolie, wonghei, kevin & bobby!
OMG! they are damn funny when they play the game la!
altough they played the same games as yesterday but today one was much more fun la!
especially sheh okay! :D
she's damn funny la!
i only have a few pictures with me.
my cousin was suppose to use vic's camera to take picture while i video.
but she was asked by tina (sheh's manager) to go and interview sheh la!
she intervied SHEH! & take solo pic with her la!
i was so jealous!
she's not a sheh mi but she was choosen to take pic with sheh la.
and she will be featured on tv.
but too bad my cousin was not a sheh mi, she was myolie the mi.
i will kill you la selina kang! u make me so jealous la!
i dun care the feature on tv i just wanna take a SOLO pic with sheh.

AHHHHH! nvm, there's always a chance.
hope she does comes to s…
since people requested it wanting now,
so i'll just upload for them:D
i'm so good! HAHAS!xD

*char's SOLO interview.
if reposted, do credit me.

What to look for in the video:
*you need to really hear what sheh is saying and what the MC s asking her.
its very funny! :D & u MUST look at sheh's expression when she received 2 frames from her fans! (ME & VIC)! she looks so happy receving our gifts! :D
hahas! HOPE U LIKE THAT AH-sheh jie! xD

This is Bosco singing "THE 7th day"
-i'll upload this when i'm free. halfway stuck la when uploading on youtube,meanwhile, look atthe previous post & sheh's video above! :)

Pictures! :) *more will be coming up! so do visit my blog often! xD
-Pictures have to wait!
the damn imageshack took so long to upload it.

Be back! :) more of sheh & rest stories in the previous post! SO DO CHECK IT OUT! :)
OH i tell you all i'm going to SCREAM okay!
i was DAMN DAMN freaking happy okay!
she's so pretty la & i was like Ah-SHEH Ah-SHEH! :D
i love her ALOT ALOT laa! :D
& she' so sweettt!

Sheh was so beautiful laa!
her skin was super perfect i tell you!
her skin is like GLOWING & super duper smooth,
she wore the same clothes as on Ada's wedding! :D
she wore white leather shoes! :D
she's so perfect laa!
i LOVE my ah-sheh jie okay! :D

SHE TOOK MINE & Victoria's GIFT!
i was so happy happy laa!
she look at the photos and she was like so happy receiving it la!
hahas! her eyebrowns went up and smile after she sees the frame! :D
GOSH, her expressions was PRICELESS and unforgetable okay!

well, i cant get to shake hands with her cos
1. i was video-ing.
2. i was in the second row, and people keep pushing la!
but nvm, i'm already contented when she took my gift! :D
hiya dearies! =)
had schooling as usual today! & jeremy stopped ur nonsense saying about sheh okay! i'll chop ur head down laa! xp sheh rawks laa! school today was kinda fun. the 2 behind me are damn noisy laa! hahhas.
Char was arriving to singapore just ow at 1250pm. and was heard that she stayed about ten minutes and off to JB events le. i wanted to see her at the airport la! but i had CCA. so cannot go ): but luckily FRAN did capture pictures of char in the airport! thanks FRAN! [:
met FRAN after band, sorry i was a late! x] print print print some photos (: & i'll help to take clear pics and asked them to sign if i had the chance! :) hahahs!
went home after that & meet cousin again. went to tampines ikea. OMFG! i tell u its freaking big laa that ikea. too big till u cant find the cashier laa! got the photoframes! :D RED in colour! ah-sheh's favv!. hahas. seeing sheh tmr! :D damn excited.
i'm going to decorate the frame later! :) got her a red artificial flower too! :) * SG FANS …
Char's Singapore Details!

19th jan- first place @ OLDFOLKS; 1030AM,
OLDFOLKS is not a place...Basically, Charm and Bobby will be going to the one-room apartments of the elderly near holland close at 10.30am.

still 19th jan- 2nd place at Cornard Hotel; around afternoon 2 plus PM,
Red Capret activity, Place near at havolock road. (near suntec city.. i think :p)

still 19th jan- last place for the day at Causeway point, 730PM.
The function at woodlands is at 7.30pm for sat. its in hand with starhub roadshow. charm's coming with bobby,myolie, bosco, wonghei and kevin.

20th jan- Only promo activity @ causeway point; 7PM
same event as the one on saturdays's causeway point! :)

As in schedule, char will be leaving singapore at 22jan
around evening.
maybe she has to attend private functions and all that or to stay for holiday! :p
so she stayed 2 more days. :)

will update on this more and changes will be made if necessary.
Credits of informing to ME (sehseh's blog guest)
hmmm, char has news, but i'm lazy to post everything here. hahahas. i just summarise itt:)
okay, Char & kenny invest on a food industry:) both of them went to the open house of the stall and it was crowded with alot of people. the food place was a good venue choosen i can say cos it is crowded with damn lots of people. hahas. and char & kenny ! hope u all earn profit in the investing! :)

For the long news of the above char's news, do visit sehseh's blog.
Next piece of news, Tvb contracted artist pictorials. i can say the artists posty for pictorials are mostly wonderful! & of course i prefer char's sexay pose the most! :) She is really sexy laa.

isnt my charchar looked so sexy? lols. the camera light effect on her does bloom abit and it makes a perfect picture out of char!:) great sexy pose sheh! xD
okies, done with her news:) for more tvb artisit contract pictures, do visit sehseh's blog .
or u wanna hear reviews of their photos, do visit ivy's blog.
hellos! :D
hahas. finally posted about my life!
LOLS. been busy with homework, revision, projects & char's thingyyy.

hmmm. what was i doing today?
oh! i hate mondays!
such a freaking long day. school's up to 230pm.
sian! xD

and another reason i hate mondays cos subjects are all DOUBLE periods!
2 maths, 2 SS, 2 F&N.
oh myyyy! :s lols.
HATE it! :x LOLS. i thot today need to bring sunday times, but just knew that today no ENG!
wthh! lols.
there's nothing speical happen today:)

only a little disappointed with something.
nobody wanna go meet char with me at the airport! ):
why cant u all just accompany me for it?
its just 2 days! i always go along with all of ur decisions, you dun like, then i dun go with it,
u like, u wan the thing, i always go along with it. i never reject any of ur requests
but char's thingy is only 2 days for goodness sake.
why cant just u all follow me for that 2 days and happy for it thats all.
freaking sad. i told myself not to cry, have to be stronggg!
butbut i …
Charmaine sheh attended Ada's wedding which is held today! *updated 13 jan*

Congrats ada & zhang Jin ! they are tieing the knot today! (:

today, the 12 of jan, ada & her boyfriend had finally tie the knot!
her wedding was attended by different artists & her company's people/managers.

artists that attend Ada's wedding includes Charmaine sheh, Jessica Hester Hsuan, gigi lai, Moses Chan, Hacken lee, steven ma, shirley yeung, flora chan & more!

the wedding was held at afternoon-evening around that time. (:

A pic of charmaine attending ada's wedding;

Joyce: I am so happy that both charmaine & jessica attended Ada's wedding! :D & Charmaine looks sooo cute here la! :D she cut her fringe which make her look more younger! (she is always looking so young) ;p her hairstyle here also look great on her(: awww. she had a wonderful smile. & i saw jessicahsuan's photo like she was rushing for time? LOLS. she seems rush. :x

More photos of ada's wedding: http…
*not very comfirm is it right or wrong,
if its wrong, then i will put up the correct one as soon as someone is very sure of the details.

Johor function :
晚上七點半去Strait Garden Restaurant。
之後去Family Foodcourt。

Singapore function :
19號晚上在Conrad Hotel走紅地毯。
19號晚上7時在Causeway Point出席活動。
20號晚上7時也是在Causeway Point 出席活動。

there's all for now.
credits to

joyce: YAY! cant wait for char to come come! :D wheeee~ awww. hope she still does have a fan gathering! )): i wannago airpot and fetch her lehs. xD who wanna go? victoria, u wan wan? hahas! xDD
hello! update news of char.! news credited to Ivy @ Ah-sheh passes the winter with warm packs. [Eastern New Territories Issue 526] Recently the weather was very unpredictable. Winter has passed halfway but the weather only started to cool yesterday with temperatures less than 10 degrees. For an artiste who works day and night, this change of weather is very tough for them. Last week reporters spotted Charmaine Sheh at Tong Lo Wan. Is it because Charmaine was rushing to film for Forensic Heroes 2 therefore she was lack of sleep, Charmaine was spotted regularly rubbing her back and cha yao(when you put both hands beside your waist) only in that 10 minutes journey. Seeing her like that, the reporter also sympathizes her. When she reaches Citysuper, Charmaine did not slowly shop around, instead she just grabbed 3 packets of warm packs. Each packet contains 5 pieces of warm packs. So in total she bought 15 pieces of warm packs which is enough for her to pass th…
HELLO!My charchar jiejie is coming! xD
hahas! hey its REAL okay! Charmaine jiejie is coming to singapore and malaysia! :D YEA! & i am going to join in shehsheh's official fan club! :D thanks to sehseh who helped me.
Charmaine jiejie is coming to singapore/ malaysia! this is not a DREAM! its REAL! yea. i'm freaking happy laa! :D finally my dream came true! meeting charmaine jiejie!<3

Malaysia : 18 January 2008 - Johore Bahru 26 January 2008 - Attend Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2007 27 January 2008 - Attend a business promotion activity (not sure wat activity just stated " 席一個商業宣傳活動" )
Singapore :
19 & 20 January 2008- Promotion Activity! :DDDDD

*those who wished to go, please email straight to sheh's offical fan club president OR u can approach sehseh's help from Best to join in sheh's offical fan club! u can get alot of charchar thingys and outings whatever! :) <333
Joyce: ooooh!i cant wait for Charmaine jiejie to come to …
hey dearies=)
hmmm. Charmaine has just updated her TVB blog! do visit her blog if u know how to read the chinese words there. i''ll translate to english from her blog.
"Too Busy lately,so i have no time update my blog recently. I'm afraid that Fans will come to my blog lessly. To win people here to visit my blog,i decided to give you all a handsome guy. Actually,he and i went for a promontional event together earlier on, i just had time now to post this picture. Everybody do come and support me and my blog, and kevin's blog and other's blog. hahahas " ----------translate from charmaine sheh's tvb blog! *My eng is not so good i can say, if there's any mistake, pls do not mind, sorry for that.
[LOLS! this is the handsome guy that charmaine mentioned:) Kevin cheng.] LOLS. charmaine is so funny & adorable la! hahahas. i'll support you for sure! :DD too bad i cant leave her a comment cos i cant register for tvb blog member. arghh! it always fails me thou. tsk…
hehehs. yes. char's new come first.

Char singing 《分分鐘需要你》. *must watch!
char's snging really improve alot la.(:
i love her voice so much!
hahas. clip credited to sehseh @

she sings sings sing super duper well well well!
*bravo! thumbs up!

Char has injured her arm earlier on while filming Forensic Heroes 2!
gosh hope she's well now.
As forensic Heores 2 requires alot of big actions scenes,
thus she injured her arm.
Char's role was suppose to wrapped up on Dec 28th but seems like she still have to continue to film.
FH2 has been delayed again! arghh!
hope that FH2 could quickly wrapped up so char can have her holidays break la.
its so tiring for char to keep working.


3 jan 2007; Thursday ; raining and windy day.

school today was quite fun! the maths lessons were great too!
and again that shimin is jacking teachers laa.
LOLS. she's always jacking teachers, no respect ah ..
Hello people!
flash back to char's news! thanks for the continous support of charmaine sheh at the Bank Of china Credit card! she make it to the top 10 thou! Congrats Charmaine sheh! & thanks fans and friends from crunchyroll support her! :D lols. meanwhile, there's another contest that is require voting from you all again!
Online media award voting which nominated Charmaine as "Sweetest Smile". The contest is organized by HK media On.CC, therefore it's quite significant: Click on the purple pouch (as indicated in the pic above) to vote for Charmaine! Voting ends on January 28th, 2008. You can only vote once per IP address. Hurry! *all this credited to sehseh @ *more clips added for TVB countdownn 2008! *clips credited to sehseh too :)

This is the whole show of TVB countdown 2008!
enjoy! :)
link founded on sehseh's blog too.:)


Wednesday, Jan 2 200…
hello dearies=)
from now on, my blog wont be only on my personal life
but also updated news of charmaine sheh & Jessica Hsuan
if their news are update.
but still after i post char's and jess's news, i'll talk about my own personal life space too.:)

Char's news!
TVB countdown for 2008 yesterday night.
Charmaine sheh and kevin cheng sang a duet song.
which is fantistic la!
Char's singing has improve tons tons la!
she has great voice!
Char has a great night yesterday!
she was accompanied by Micheal Tse, Sonija Kwok etc, her showbiz circle of friends!
i guessed she has a wondeful countdown night yesterday.:D

I've done screencaps for the Duet song for Charmaine & kevin!:)
Pictures may be blur here.
cos blogger resize its size! tsk.

Click on the scrrencaps to make it bigger.

let's watched kevin & charmaine's Duet! *must watch*
All Clips credited to Ivy @;

New Year Wishes from…