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Showing posts from September 19, 2012
Annoyeong! blogging at this unearthly hour because there are so many things that are going through my mind right now. YES, like now.
I've been reflecting on advices that were given to me, like what do I want in life next time?
What do I wanna do? I've been certain in my answers like oh, I'm sure I wanna do something related to aviation. And my paymummy asked me, so did you went to do research on which universities teach something related like that? and my answer was no, im not sure. The question than popped back to me "in that case, you are not certain of your path yet because you did not even go and research about something that you are certain that you want to do." At that moment, I went, oh right, why am I making excuses to delay the research of my future path when I said I am certain I wanna do aviation, is there really something that is stopping me? But there is one thing which I am sure of is that I do not want an office job that requires me to sit at my d…