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Blog revamped, Hatched Sg, Churrosity

HI EVERYONE!!! after almost 2 days of hardwork..... my blog is 80% done!! YAYE!
I decide to input my CV and showreels, basically what I am doing as a freelance actress :)
The rest of the links are almost done except for the photos corner as I am still in the midst of transferring 2000 over photos from my Iphone. *gasps*

 In order for me to set up the photos link, i've created a Facebook page as well to facilitate the photos as I can create multiple albums there to show the behind the scenes pictures. So... would you pretty please head over to my humble page to click a "like"? thank you!!^^

My determination to revamp my blog comes from my work. I believe as a freelancer, i need to know how to market myself well. hahahaha, #truefacts.
And there, thanks to my talented sister who knows how to deal with all the HTML code, i've hello kitty at the sides!! *happy*

*Will update the pictures corner every now and then after my phone transferred that 2…

A new start for

Yawns! it's 7am in the morning now and i've not slept.
firstly, because i just fought with gastric attack, secondly i woke up only at like 6pm the previous day.
make it short right now because most probably im blogging again the later on.

And there, a new design for the blog!
Thanks to my sister, she's really talented in this area.
this blog will also serve to promote myself (thus the showreels and CV) included other than just blogging.
Trying to keep it alive now as the blog is "renovated"

The photos section is still under renovation (will linked to a new facebook page that i've created : The facebook link is not done yet.....this i need help from my sister tmr.

a little update for now!
gooddieeee night!