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Showing posts from May 9, 2013
Lazy Joyce is Lazy!
So what have i been doing the past few MIA months or weeks?
I have to say my months of holidays are not the typical kind of holidays that normal teenagers go through!
I've been busy with shoots and films and i believe its really special and it's going to a wonderful time having to experience all these!
Though not easy, but if you like a thing, you wont give them up right?

It is already the starting of May! Time indeed passes very very fast!
Graduation day is coming on the 20th May and thereafter, a trip to bangkok with my favourite girls! I cant wait! see you thailand on 25-28 May! ^^
June is the month I'm looking forward to! It's going to be my first featured movie role shoot and also Mata Mata shoot!
Imaging for the movie shoot is going to on the 19th this month and I cant wait! Not a big role at all but qualified for imaging, not so bad la hor? hahahaha oh wells, though its a small part, but every actors made them up into a big picture! Had alrea…