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Showing posts from June 18, 2008
hello hello dearies!
i'm back from that tiring band camp i had.
tmr is games day! and kuku you better bring the papers ah!
later i forget how to play.~ LOL~

Bnad camp was alright.
although most of the games were cancelled in the last minute but it's alright la.
band practice lo. LOL!
the exchange with Hwa Chong Insuitution was great!
the percussions were marvellous! :]
and that guy who teach me to side read notes easily :D
he's friendly. the whole school students indeed was friendly la.

and the cheer they gave was super hilarious!
make fun of Mr leng! LOL!
when i say darren, you say hair,
darren's hair, darren's hair,
daren got no more hair!
HAHAS! something like that la.
kinda forgotten already!


♥ rachel : hahas! yes rachel, i'm from band and i'm not in the flute session :p although i wish to join that. LOL! i'm from the percussion, mostly play the xylophone. LOL! YES YES! *scream for charvin! :D HAHAS! butbut charm kinda like frankie…