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Showing posts from August 12, 2008
(to xinyi&kahwai, as there are lots of photos to be uploaded, i'll upload slowly.hahaaa. people here lazy ma. ) :D

Hello dearies ]:
yea, i sounded really sad? disappointing? angry?
i really dono what expression i can have now.
i finally knew what's the problem that is straining between us.
i finally knew, but we are not "chatting" we are arguing instead.
opposition has witnesses? and it's kinda ???
you tell me that the whole school knows about this, but HOW I COME I DONT EVEN KNOW THAT AT ALL?
and rather you dont trust me but that 2 rumored questions.
people can just insists on you are at wrong if the opposition has back up? this is human nature.

people say friendship are brittle.
yes, it's true. once an misunderstanding broke it, even you are back friends, you cant gain their trust back again.
they might even betray you.
why i know well? cos i was betrayed be her today, 12AUG2008 marked down.
2 and the half years of friendship, all the trust that i have on her, but…