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Showing posts from December 10, 2007
hello dearies! :D
hehes. i've finished watching Yummy Yummy-Food For Life!
i just love Mandy (charmaine sheh).
hahas.she was so good in acting crying and romantic scenes la.
her way for crying was so natural that audience who watched will even cry, including me.!

ohoh and i remember that Yummy Yummy had scenes about charmaine and co-stars that were super funny in it. (episode 16 and 23) was super funny.
Mandy (charmaine sheh) was drunk and her expressions and all that were so funny!
i had a large laugh la!
it was so funny! charmaine sheh film yummy yummy that time, she was soo soooo thin la!
and of course she was so prettay:)

i'm watching The Building Blocks Of Life now,
hmm.until now the show was not bad la.
have tavia:)
while, i can say tavia is a good actress but charmaine & jessica was better for me:)

sister jessicahsuan will be leaving singapore and back to hongkong on the 19 dec.
wondering if she was invited to star awards this year?
hope that mediacorp would invite he…