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Showing posts from April 2, 2010
Hi dearies~~
i know it has been ages since i last touch my blog.
i wanna update pictures from my phone,
but i guessed the computer is suffering from millions insanity,
it just cant read my USB from phone.
rawr, joyce really dont know what to do .
so bad news, no pictures for now.

yesterday,dawn and i went out (:
wanted to go get a hair cut in the morning, but it was closed ): BOO.
so we went to school to get my testimonial.
hahahaaa, alot of good words. *shy shy*

then we headed down to vivo.
we went to sentosa.
went to look around the resorts world and all.
its really not bad la.
but alot shops are not offically opened yet.
so didnt shop alot.
just bought some things from the hershey's stall, USS gift shop, sentosa gift shop.
we then went to imbiah station.
been ages since i stepped there.
i forgot that we can actually go into the merlion. LOL.
and dono what's in there.

after walking about 5 plus.
we parted and reached kembagan CC for dance around 6+.
chiwfoong came to try out her competitio…