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Showing posts from April 3, 2011
thank you idol<3 you really made my day and give me the best day of my life! 29032011. hehe! specially blog because i wanna share how great my idol can be (: yes, presenting you RUI EN<3
I was informed by Peiyi dearie if im free on that day to film [in-laws] yes, Rui en's upcoming drama which will debut one day before my birthday!! (: 12 APRIL 2011! Do catch it everyone! =)
So, on this date and day, i went to mediacorp at 7am and then went to wardrobe to check on the attires~ so far, when i go for filming, my dressing was all aright! ;p hehe! good attendance! (Y) so we went to wait for the rest of the people to be here and boarded the bus to our location! its a HK cafe somewhere at east coast! :) Actually, when im at the wardrobe, ive already seen idol. hehe, she wore t-shirt, blue fbt and xiao lan (people who know her will know whats that) hehe! thats how idol dress (: hehe! as long as she is comfortable la. she was walking so sloppily! keke! :]
then i think …