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OOTD Review: Favourite pokka dots dress

Don't ask me why am I blogging at such weird timing.
I wanted to turn in early because Im getting hungry. lol.
while watching my HK dramas and seeing them eating stuff like steamboat and all and thats a warning sign.
and the reason why I am restricting food intake now is because of something exciting happening next tuesday. Hopefully it turns out well. Will announce it pretty soon. I'm excited but as stressful as well because i've to really lose a lot of weight to look better. I just completed my 20 laps of swim just now and I'm heading for cycling tmr. gonna increase exercise and reduce food intake. I CAN DO THIS. though it sucks pretty badly that I can't eat anything or anytime I want.

okay, the main purpose of this post is to do an OOTD review on my favourite piece of clothe! ^^v am all excited to show all of you! and of course if you are my follower on instagram, you'll probably know of it already!

Presenting to you..... POKKA DOTS dress! You love it? I lov…