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끌닭 (kkul-dak) in Singapore!!


Today, my post is going to recommend "KKUL DAK" which they've landed in Singapore already!
끌닭 (kkul-dak)means "Honey Chicken"! Thanks to Yyann unnie i get to know that "Kkul Dak" one of Korea's popular snack, has made its entrance to Singapore! *throws confetti*

 It is located at : Plaza Singapura (#B2-44), one level up the escalator from Dhoby Ghaut MRT :)

Hellooooo there! *Click on the picture for a larger view of the price and its different sizes!*

When I first visited the shop, there were only 3 flavours available:  1) Honey Chicken (original) 2) Spicy honey  3) Sweet and sour
When I went back there for the third time, they launched a new flavour - peanut/peanut butter (i cant remember which is which because i just caught a glimpse of it. There was a rather long queue at that point of time and so just chop chop buy go. But yes, there was a new flavour launched. Ive yet to try the new flavour but ive tried the 3 flavours stated o…