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Showing posts from February 22, 2008
Hihi dearies=)
today was a damn suay day for me la.
it's damn suay okay.

Morning, went to board 980.
i pay the fares with coins la. and i was lazy to take the bus ticket.
& just right the bus conductor came up la!
& i didnt take my ticket you know.
so when he checked, i was like, "err, i didnt redeem my ticket"
he was like "go redeem la, i ccked ticket de, not help u take ticket de hor."
he's so rude.
then fine lor, people all see me go infront.
and when i went to the ticketing machine, i dont find my ticket there?!!
then the bus driver say "all the tickets were taken by the last person who boarded up the bus."
and i told the bus conductor that & u know what he said?
"then go buy one ticket la, i dont see the ticket, consider u as didnt pay."
i was like walao. i pay TWICE for a bus fare la!
damn suay okay!

Maths test was damn hard.
i cant finished on time.
i'm going to fail that paper lor.
hopefully i passed the overall with…