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Showing posts from September 16, 2006


okok.. here's my dish i wanted to show you all(: erm.. actually have 4 small pieces la. eat left 1 ..haha. then saw the flag there.? thats my name flag(:i have a poor photograher teacher who takes photo never see angle de.. ahyo!then anyhow go *snap snap* de.. your fault la! MR CHAN! cannot see my flag NAME! ):wadever la. screw up today! *bleahs*haha.. meet all my *darls~ WHEE~go for studies laa. 1 whole stacks of maths in my file okk..and meet them at 12. late! all LATE laa!then edwin came first laa.went burger king eat eat. i saw the bread talk mini buns laa.its nice okkay. *thumbs up*then study. go photocopy test papers and geography paper.that time absent thats why..haha. miss so many lessons la..*sob sob*but then study then i only did 13 maths questions..hahaahaha.. then went back play basketballnice la.. with jeremy, yuenyern and edwini so near also cannot score..*so malu*then got a guy wanna VS jeremy in playing basketballhaha.. very firey match laa.then at last, jeremy won…