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Showing posts from January 24, 2008
Hi people! :D
update update update! :)

today was a rather fine day!
i'm damn refrehing & as usual Bena is the one who always makes me laugh laa! [:
damn funny!
BENA! u asked in my tagboard will all sheh mis fans stand up?
i'm going to reply you > I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO STAND!
hahahahs! :)
u are damn adorable la!
such a sweet little one! :D

Bena, get enough sleep ah!
if not tmr i cant see your eyes again!
hahas! :D
Chinese test yesterday was damn hard la.!
the whole comprehension cant do finished.
not a single one in full sentence la.
gosh. i'm going to get kana scolded lo.
seems like i'm lack of practice la.
cos of chasing my idol sheh at causeway for 2 days! x=
LOLS! but i enjoyed it!
getting to see my HK idol lehs!
i'm going to buck up on studies.
if not my mum is going to kill me!

Chem test today!
i think of the test ah think until damn complicated la!
just a filtration one answer behind i go put crystallisation!
ahahahs! 5 marks gone liddat!
wth! .…