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Showing posts from June 7, 2008
06JUNE POST is below. :]

♥ huimin: YOU BETTER DO SO! hahahs! and muanting is not from SPS. hahahas. i think you've mistaken :D

♥ Siokkan : HAHAS! no prob jei! hope you had enjoy your day! LOVE!

♥ fiona : hahahashas! abit weird to use canto pinyin ga. LOL! it's NYDC at suntec :D

♥ Rachel : HAHAS! well, i just gone for an hour and my last message is being burried all the way done to older messages le. LOL!

♥ Carmen : HAHAS! mine here just aired finished :D I JUST LOVE THE ENDING! SUPER CUTE! :D ahahahs! My here airing Love Guaranteed, HOG1, Lethal weapons of love and weapons, pillow case of mystery and so on. LOL! yes, GIGI is real pretty (:

♥ Patpat gajei : HAHAS! hello "jiang hu" pai gajei! LOL! WA, i tagged ivy's blog for so long now then you visit me la! MY BARANG IS HERE! LOL! JK! :D hahas! cant wait fo you to arrive to singapore! hehes [: DONT GET LOST! LOL! :p

♥ pamela : oh ya, forget that your school is kinda special without mid year exams. Study hard …