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Showing posts from March 5, 2007


today CA1 paper is back!
&my english is screwed up man!
well, the paper is sooooooo soooooo hard larh..
thats why, we had only 3 passes for english la.

joyce's CA1 marks. {screwed up man!}
english-32/100 F9! {totally screwed!}
maths-59.7/100 c5{need more more practices!}
chinese-70/100 A2{not bad lah}
science-67/100 B3{not up to my expectations.}
literature-76/100 A1{shock sia.. didnt know will get so high larh.}
Home econs-77/100 A1{not bad larh}
Geography-64/100 B4 {not up to expectations}

what a shitty results i've got la.
have to buck up alreadyy.
jia you!

oh,& thanks thanks & many thanks to tanjingwen for making my blogskin so wonderful!
loves loves &loves! :D

maths was boring as i have tution that topic already.
i almost fell asleep la.
chinese write the si han.
bored bored.
english-i was listening to mdm leela attentively as i need to improve my eng results!
hahaha.PE running 2.4km-i managed to run finished at the timing 13:45!
haha.improve by 10seconds compare to last…