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Hello dear readers! =)
Lessons were as per normal.
the rest had oral except for some of us.

after school, we had no assembly!
and so, ahjie, edwin, zhijiang, daddy, parshan, siaodi and more went novena to eat (:
whild edwin went to change miemie's slippers size (:
ate at KFC :D
then we headed down to marina square to collect miemie's photo.
and ahjie was freaking long in decorating miemie's card .
but super funny! i'll be uploading the pictures later :D

after doing all the miemie's stuff, we headed to untied square to look for miemie.
and we sang her birthday song! HAHA
starbucks people ask us to lower down our volume. LOL.
miemie gave us a hug! HEHE.
the letter for her is so sweet! of course la! LOL!

okay, short post for now,
photos to enjoy! (=

Thanks zhijiang for these slippers!
Thanks to siao di for the shirt (opps, picture upside down)
Daddy & miemie's picture! (i craved the heart shape out for ahjie one! LOL)


Study time w Gancino! (:

亲爱的读者, 我又来写 blog le! :D
hello people!
went out with gancino to study as usual,
our study time! :D
no distractions and so on (:

it was quite a nice day with that stupid maid! HAHA
keep doing maths and i was doing F&N all along:D
LOL! so difficult to understand,
well exams is starting on this thursday, wish me lucks people! (:

everything went smoothly today!
exceot the photo incident!
i went to wash mummie yuzhen's photos!
and that stupid auntie ask me come back in 15 mins time &
after that i went to steamboat with gancino.
and i forgot all about the photo. LOL.
whatever la, i going down with ahtoh tmr since our class got no oral (:
miemie, see la! (: i'm a good daughter k!
and i dono about your lollipop la! LOL!

let you all see what we eat! :D hehe!
gancino waste food sia!
she take so many then in the end cannot finish,
and know what she did?
cover all the food with plates!
LOL! damn retard!
and i asked her to take away! keep in the bag! LOL!
short post for now!
there's school tmr! (:


Update on Birthday! :D 1304 (:

here's a little update on my blog! :D i finally got a new com! LCD screen! :D hehe! shiok! i think my next target would be on Digital camera! [: heh! must bootlick my mum already! LOL.
okay! here's a littlw update on my birthday! 130493 (: i know it's a little late like past 13 days! LOL. but anyway, it's still april :D I would like to thank all the presents and wishes! really appreciated! :D thanks all! (:
I would like to thank them personally :

thanks Muanting ahjie for these (:

Thanks edwin, yukejen, miemie, ahjie,sitian

Thanks Bena For these!

Thanks Ng jing wen for the voodoo!

Thanks daddy guiyuan for the wallet!

Thanks to dearest Ms pay Lingling for the choco & sweet card!

Thanks Tanjingwen & mindy for my fav biscuits! :D

Thanks Victoria for the calender(:

Thanks rachel from malaysia to send me this!Thanks jeremy, Wilsonyeo,BK,Yuanlong, Prashan, Xinyi & jiahui (:Thanks to my 小不点s : Vivien, Yanching, Anette, Jesslyn. (:Thanks to Shenghui, Marcus, Chengsiang &am…

monster fever strikes me! D:

Hello dearest readers!
i'm crurently sick with fever monster striking me.
it's truely a terrible feeling,
head keep spinning and spinning non-stop.
argh, hate it!
heard that the class had no F&N test today due to yesterday's parade.
and i didnt attend school today as well.
my temp reached till 38.4 degrees.
however, i'm going school in the afternoon for chemistry practical.
Very important so i have to attend,
teacher say he only do it once.
my head is spinning currently though.

Had band yesterday,
under the hot sun + fever.
TERRIBLE. but i have to practice though,
thanks to Ms pay (:
looking after me all this period.
she share her Vitamin C water with me. LOL.
no wonder there's this orange taste.
After that, ahjie and xinyimui go steal daddy's wallet.
HAHA! daddy dono who took it.
then he seems angry so ask xinyimui to return his wallet first.
LOL! then realise that he's not angry lo. CHEY.
then ahjie accidentally took out daddy's phone infront of him. -.-
let him find out…

Studying time w 阿姐和咪咪yuzhen! :D + the change of email. (:

Hello dearies!
i'm back here blogging again :D
this week is full of tests.
just completed all the major tests,however mid year is just right the corner. -.-
F&N coursework is driving me crazy.ARGH.
anyway, i'm changing my email to
My email account thingy had virus, keep posting some ridiculous thingy.
between the "joyce and the ng is a _ (underscore)" so dont put spacing ah.
thanks! i will only add people that i know. :D

April 10, 2009! Good friday, raining.
Esplanade @ the bay!
Went out to study with mummie and ahjie!
at the featured starbucks where i always go with kalipop every sunday! LOL
it was a super funny day but we did homework la.
Mummie yuzhen was not focusing at all lo! LOL!
she never does her work till the very last miunte. LOL.
when ahjie and i was doing our work, mummie was using her phone to take pictures non stop! LOL
after a while, when ahjie and i was influenced by her, we started to cam-whore as well! LOL.
then at the time, mummie then …