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Showing posts from June 6, 2008
Hello dearies! :D
i'm going to rot at home today. LOL!
went to kevin's blog to capture some FH2 screencaps to do banner in future. :D
his video is in HD form thus SUPER CLEAR. LOL!
thanks to his blog i always have Clear Screencaps collected. :)

and i'm watching playboy cops now!
thanks to pikachu's blog! he uploaded it!
i watched it cos of her and yes agree with pikachu that hope linda can get praises from audience like what kate has :D

and i kinda of think of Suki Tsui when i'm roaming in asianeu.
when she complete in MHK2006, i find her super sweet.
she gave me those kind of comfortable face.
well, i support Suki when she's in MHK2006.
hope she has a greater achievement in future.

and my ALL TIME FAVOURITE AH-SHEH is still at zhongshan filming at ancient series!
from what i saw at sehseh's blog, ah-sheh fall in love with photography after FH2!
ahahas! that's how i LOVE her! she's SUPER ADORABLE :D WAHA…