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Showing posts from August 10, 2008
Hello dearies! :D
came here to blog again.
happy belated birthday to singapore! :D
she turned 43 this year (:

i went to catch the live fireworks at esplanade yesterday!
and sister and i was seating at the starbucks there.
so when the fireworks came, it was just right on top of us!
it was DAMN LOUD! it's really super loud that type.
very grand as well :D
hehehee. too bad i didnt met jaslyn there.
she went to catch the live fireworks as well. (;
i hate the freaking toilet.
there's only 1 pathetic toilet there
and to go for toilet, there's always long queue.
i queue for 1 hour to go 1 stupid toilet -.-

but the fireworks is great la!
i took some pictures of it.
shall post them up other day.
having dinner later :DD


♥ Vee : hahhas! now you can see already. it's done already la, but i haven went to collect it. hahaha!

♥ Pamela : now you can see it (; hahas! not mine. it's my friend's one. and i haven gotten her reply.

♥ Siokkan : hello jie! :D hehehes! thanks! :] i've be…