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Showing posts from August 15, 2008

14aug08 case close.

Hello dearies! [:
yea! i'm now a happy little pie!
the case is closed on 14aug08.
no one is to mention anything already, right?
finally i'm having PEACE! :D teehee.
life has been treating me good! (:

Ms koh is resigning next week.
and i haven sketch the planning for it.
it's pretty sad la, we are not sure why she's quitting as well,
but well, i'll respect her and wish her all the best.
she really helps me in my english alot.
i've been gradually improving since mid year, cos of her(:
really thanks ms koh, hope you'll have a great time ahead!

i scored full marks for POA again!
YEA! teeheee. (: that topic on Depreciation! but it's simple one first.
the complicated one will be coming up soon. like the bad debts account.
i just had my history test last thursday.
it was pretty hard, cos it was on speech-source based.
it took me quite long to understand it.
and when time is up, i haven even completed all the questions yet.
i have to train on my time taken again.
i had chinese…