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Showing posts from December 21, 2008
Helloha dearies! :D
heheee! i'm blogging at 20dec.
but it's past 3am now so blogger date will eventually be 21dec. (:

on 19 dec, we had our sec 1 CCA registration. (:
see all the innocent kiddies coming to balestier hill!
HAHHAHA! climb that stupid hill. LOL. super tiring.
met yuzhen, jiahui and xinyi (oh, you finally came!) LOL!.
then went up to school.
Section leaders to set up instruments!
so yuzhen & i went up to set up! =)
the rest went to give up the fliers.

move move move everything out.
we tried on the instruments as well.
heheee! i can blow the flute damn well la!
no airy sounds! HAHA!
stupid junior keep suan me say i can't blow.
eh, i can blow hor. HAHA!
i can blow the trumpet, flute, saxophone, clarnet! HAHA!
the rest never try. LOL.
saxophone kinda nice to play.
every instrument needs so much air.
piang eh, i gonna be out of breath. LOL.
percussion the best la! HAHA.

we stayed there a little while,
yuzhen and i decided to go give out the fliers, and so we took a packet of sweet, …