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Hi readers!
im currently @ starbucks and ya, using the laptop, duh?
im doing up my CSA notes beacuse i felt that the notes that lecturers gave are too brief! so i re-typed my notes.

yesterday after POM (glad that POM paper was over)
met taytay at tampines mall to makan ajisen :D
i love ajisen! HEE.
then brought her to concourse starbucks to mug.
and i studied my econs while she drama again -.-
yeps, and i kept revising my econs.
because that's my favourite subject and i want to score well for it.
so stressed.
and we went cam-whoring instead! LOL.

today after econs paper, there are 2 more papers to go!
JIAYOU JOYCE (keep the motivation moving!)
yea, Business accounting is on thursday then follow by the next heavy paper- CSA-.-
i missed dance so much!
had not been going since exams are here.
im gonna go back on sat to dance dance dance!
and steps is airing on june 3 onwards!
happy happy * yea, although i've watched before, but isnt it nice to keep watching people dance? HEE.
i mean you can pick u…