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Showing posts from January 26, 2008
hihi dearies! =)

today was a rather anxious day la.
my letter that was sent to malaysia few days ago,
i dont think it reaches sehseh's house yet.
i hope it reached sehseh's house by latest today afternoon la.

Astor Awards TODAY!
Gosh! really hope that 偶像sheh would win lor.
Lt's pray hard for her to win.
its rather scary as we know that astro latest award,
Myolie & 偶像sheh were on tie!
today its going to be on super anxious day la!
gooo 偶像sheh! :)
u gotta make it!

okay. i'm going to stay at home and study my physics today.
SS test will be on week 6.
so henngg!
& i'm re-watching Drive of life! :)
cant wait for forensic heroes 2 to come out la.

i'm currently at Survivor laws II.
its quite nice to watched lor.
damn funny too.
u all should watched it also huh.

Okays. short post for now!
let's cross our fingers that my letter would reached sehseh's house few hours later.
i should sent by speed posting la.
alamak. didnt think of that,