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Showing posts from August 11, 2010
"A critic is a bunch of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste." ~ Whitney Balliett

hello people!
i've been updating blog this few days yea? keke.
cause im on one month break! *screams!*
keke, but ya, its for studying thou.
but the motivation is not there ):
i need the motivation back!
In addition, i have to go back to school a lot of time for CCA ): thats so sad man!

Went to school today for the witness of YOG flame running to TP :D
it was kinda fun la!
i only like the flame torch part.
haha, super cool :D

anyway, managed to get back on time for unriddle.
how could you miss this exciting show,right?
haha. it was awesome and i bet every episode gets better!
tmr's epsiode seems good! *sense danger for xiao man! oh no*
its great that ive been receiving positive comments upon the show ! :)
good job to script and casts!
but, i guessed we have to have the patience to wait for the case to crack, i guessed its a little slow pace cause till now, they've not break a case.
but this…