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[Travel] Trip to Bangkok with my loveliest girls Part #1

Hi everyone!
Finally I am going to do up a blog post on my bkk trip from 25-28 May!
I will try to remember the places I went on each day and recommend you guys which are the places you need to head to for shopping!! (For girls, bkk is really a heaven! for guys, perhaps the food serves you better? haha just kidding, im sure the guys stuff there are more than the what they have in Singapore.)
Bkk basically has stuff for everyone just that girls are flattered with more choices!

Friends who know me well know that my first bkk trip wasnt a really good one. I think its also because I did not go with research done. So this time round, a thankful and grateful trip again with my loveliest girls! We totally enjoyed every single thing that happened in bkk and was hoping that our trip will be longer but then..... we were so broke by the end of the last day. hahahah!

These post is going to be filled with pictures. I've just edited like 60-70 pictures and eyes are going blind.

25th May: Singapor…

Little Medium Boy studio shoot for Dumpling ghost!

Hi everyone!!! I'm currently waiting for my studio shoot for little medium boy! It's so cold and I'm super hungry!!
But it's better than having outdoor shoot and fighting with the haze. Teehee!
Okay the above picture seems to show that my face is alright but actually I'm applied with ghostly make-up.

In this movie, I'm playing a featured dumpling ghost who aims to gross you out! Just done with the studio scenes and I swear its the most disgusting and messy scene ever. YES, ever. So after you guys watched the movie, please just wash away the scene in your head and remember me through the beautiful pictures!! I'm just doing a job as an actor. Lol. Hopefully the scenes on the 29th won't be that gross!!!! If I managed to let you feel disgusted, my role is said to be convincing then! Stupid me with stupid ideas of mine. But oh wells, glad it's over and it's another form of experience I guess.

Thought it would take long but managed to finishe…