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Showing posts from November 13, 2008
Hello dearies!! :D
i'm so dead bored now.
i wanna watch Easterly badly!!
mum says wait for the full set to be out in malaysia then go there buy.
and worst of all, 3 of DVD players cannot work!
oh, this is shit.
ohwell, i just chop off my fringe.
looks like super bangs shit.
LOL! whatever la.
faster grow, fringe~ LOL!

I was watching drive of life on TV, and suddenly i miss charray so much
the show is ending soon.
and see how sau-fung care for zhen-bong.
HEHE! so sweet!! dodles!

♥ Hugo : hahas! it's alright. hahaaa! ooo. work hard for exams yea? (: good luck and all the best!! HAHA! i've been great.! how about you?

♥ Litingg gajei : i've replied you in your blog :D heheeee

♥ Mengkit : haha. oie, singing the school song is cute! LOL! being loyal to the school! HAHAA! ahya, you see me you can pass it to me already ma! LOL!!!

♥ Rachel : HAHAAAA! i got it for HK100, around S$20, around RM40, the newest version with his auto !! :D thanks to FF [: heheee! alamak is a good word!…