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Jwanting x Fresver Beauty

Hello Guys! I'm back here writing my experience with Fresver Beauty!  Thanks to Favesofficial, I had the opportunity to make my way down for a facial!  It has been ages since I had facial because I really had a bad experience with past facials i've been to!
I remembered back then when I was in Primary-Secondary era, I had the worst breakouts... You probably won't believe it, but my primary school teacher actually asked my mum to source for remedies for my super bad skin condition. 
My aunt recommended me a facial place.  But, to my horror, my face got worst, red, despite going for facials once a week and utilizing their $500+ products. (when i was like 12-13?!) Practically a nightmare with facial places that I don't ever want to step in to any. 
However, Favesofficial offered me this opportunity to get my face clean up. I was pretty worried to be back for facial, in general, but I know I needed some experts to help me in polishing my skin condition especially after no…