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Jwanting x Fresver Beauty

Hello Guys!
I'm back here writing my experience with Fresver Beauty! 
Thanks to Favesofficial, I had the opportunity to make my way down for a facial! 
It has been ages since I had facial because I really had a bad experience with past facials i've been to!

I remembered back then when I was in Primary-Secondary era, I had the worst breakouts...
You probably won't believe it, but my primary school teacher actually asked my mum to source for remedies for my super bad skin condition. 

My aunt recommended me a facial place. 
But, to my horror, my face got worst, red, despite going for facials once a week and utilizing their $500+ products. (when i was like 12-13?!)
Practically a nightmare with facial places that I don't ever want to step in to any. 

However, Favesofficial offered me this opportunity to get my face clean up. I was pretty worried to be back for facial, in general, but I know I needed some experts to help me in polishing my skin condition especially after not going for facials for a long time. 

So here I am at Fresver Beauty Boutique (Tiong Bahru Flagship outlet) 

Established for 29 years, Fresver focused on bringing customers the latest technology and best products sourced from around the world. 

Posh, elegance & clean are words I will use to describe Fresver's environment. 

They brought in their own line of skincare products from Spain; and are the exclusive distributor for S+ Products in Singapore. Just look at the cosmetics packaging! Jesslyn, the digital marketing executive, from Fresver, was telling me that the graphics on the cosmetics are what the products are for! For instance, the lips graphics is the lips cosmetic! So interesting. It's like another "Cosmetics Meets Fashion" thing. Oh, I'm in love with pretty things like that. 

I met Jesslyn, Fresver's digital marketing executive, and was so impressed by her service. She sat me through the process and was introducing me around Fresver's products & services. Staffs in Fresver were really hospitable and friendly as well! My therapist was supposed to walk me through but she had an interview and came in just to apologize to me about it. So thankful for wonderful service, i swear. 

Before any treatment is given, the staff will check on my skin condition and determine the suitability of the treatment they will do for me. After analyzing, we  decided to proceed with the OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Therapy! 

OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Therapy is: 
  • A personalized & single-use Capsugen made of natural active ingredients to gentle exfoliate dead skin cells. Pores are decongested & cleaned thoroughly. 
  • The Capsugen helps to  infuse a specialized treatment gel for intensive skin brightening and moisture or anti-aging and moisture.
  • The effect of Capsugen + gel generates CO2 micro bubbles and stimulates skin to respond naturally by sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. This accelerates skin cell metabolism and aids absorption of active ingredients.
In short, this therapy produces nourished, hydrated and revitalized skin! 
Skin will eventually become more radiant & Lifted!

So let's begin!

Definitely greeted with the most comfortable ambiance!
Warm lights, fresh & cozy linens just puts you in a relaxing mind. 

Can't wait to be pampered with the therapy!
Was already on cloud nine with the wonderful ambiance.  

Did I mention that they have this ring light mirror in each room? 
They are amazing for selfies! 
& also, for you to observe your facial results right after! ;p

ok, one last selfie before I head onto the bed to get my facial treatment started! 
All changed & ready! 

The therapy begins with a Welcome Aroma Ritual & head massage where my therapist will exercise her brilliant massage skills on my face. Trust me, at this stage only, I'm already starting to fall asleep because it's super duper comfortable! 

To me, I felt her strength was just nice. It puzzled me on how she managed to get the massage pressure on point. You know how some therapists will exert overly or way under pressure and you have to tell them about it?

Next up, it is the double cleansing step. 
I never knew, even at home, its best to double cleanse my face everyday. 
Jesslyn was telling me how important double cleansing is because of the amount of makeup i put on everyday. Usually, cleansing is the most important procedure to carry out if we want healthy & young looking skin! 
However, we always neglect that. 

Now, let's start on the OxyGeneo 3 in 1 therapy!

So as explained above, this is the personalized & single capsugen that contains natural active ingredients that can gently exfoliate, de-congest my pores and cleanse my skin thoroughly before any treatment gel is being inserted in. If skin is not thoroughly cleanse, the effect won't even be obvious no matter how good it is. 

At the same time, the same capsugen can help to infuse the specialized treatment gel for intensive skin brightening & moisture or anti-aging & moisture. Mine was on brightening & moisture. So glad I had this because i've always wanted a naturally glowing and hydrated skin. 

The oxygenesis process uses the machine to penetrate the treatment gel (gel generates CO2 micro bubbles!) into my skin. This process then stimulates skin to respond naturally by sending oxygen-rich blood to the area. As such, it accelerated skin cells metabolism and aids absorption of the active ingredients. 

My initial thoughts when I saw the machine was "oh no, my skin is gonna get electrified again and I probably going to get shocked every now and then." That's what previous facials had been doing to me and I was quite afraid. However, it wasn't the case! Jesslyn & my therapist did prepare me that it might be a little uncomfortable as the machine lands on my face a few times. But, it was actually quite alright and it's definitely a painless procedure. Well, you'll probably feel funny on your face that's all. You still can get your sleep or continue to sleep (if you've already fallen asleep earlier because it was way too comfortable). 

Thereafter, the therapist performed the Oxy Face Point Massage which i don't even have to explain much on this. It is just pure happiness and feeling way pampered! 
"please don't wake me up #helpla"

The Therapy ended with a customized mask & shoulder massage which apparently I concussed straight away because i've been holding back since the beginning of the session. 
I really love how my therapist & Jesslyn kept checking on me with regards to my comfort. 

I probably had the best facial experience here in Fresver! 
Thank You Jesslyn for the Video below! You can probably see how the OxyGeneo Treatment works in this video! Painless, wonderful process. 

I forgot to point out: 
I've extremely sensitive skin and every time I finished a facial session, my face turned red. And you know how facial outlets have been telling you "it's normal because skin just gone through xxx therapy, need a few days to recover." This is when you will not feel like stepping out of the house. Who wants to step out of the house with all the red marks over? 

But, just look at the evidence photo there. This is the instant result of the OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Therapy! I'm so so happy with how my skin felt! The result of smoother, brighter and non-red are instant! I was still voicing out to Jesslyn just before the session that my skin gets red marks way easily then normal people do, hence, I sort of avoided facials as much as possible. 

I felt like my skin was reborn. I've never felt that level of smoothness before. Not even kidding. I could even see the instant brighter skin tone. IT IS INSTANT GUYS. i've to keep saying it. If you follow me on Instagram on the day I went to Fresver, you would have know how much I was praising Fresver's facial result. :')

Thank You Fresver Beauty for gaining back my confidence towards facial treatments. 

This is my face without any makeup (well except replenishing my brows lol) & right after the treatment! I'm so in love with Fresver's product and service! 

This is highly recommended! #jwantingapproves

SO, HERE's A VERY GOOD, SUPER GOOD NEWS TO YOU. Don't say I got lobang I never share

The OxyGeneo 3 in 1 therapy is pretty pricy! (Such instant result, you would have expected)

However, Fresver is currently offering it at $69 NETT with FOC TRAVEL KIT!?!! 

This is only valid for:
  1.  One month so hurry book appointment with them to get your skin saved!!
  2. Only for first-time customers aged 21-65, Singaporeans, PRs. SP/EP/WP/DP

To Redeem: Just SMS your name, age and [BG-FAVEOXY18] to 9011-1234

I kid you not, its a SUPER DUPER GOOD DEAL. 
& instant smooth, bright and non-redness skin right after treatment! 
Get your skin pampered and treated with Fresver!
They are the experts with strong knowledge on the products and treatments!
 Furthermore, a top-notch service as well! 

Fresver Beauty has 4 outlets and they are located at the following: 

1. Hougang: 840 Hougang Central, #01-04 Singapore 538757 | Tel: (65) 6100 1513
2. Tampines5 Tampines Central 6 #01-23 Telepark, Singapore 529482 |Tel: (65) 6100 1030
3. Orchard: 14 Scotts Road #05-18, Far East Plaza Singapore 228213 | Tel: (65) 6100 8108
4. Tiong Bahru (Flagship):  302 Tiong Bahru Road, Tiong Bahru Plaza, #01-162/163/164 |
Tel: (65) 6100 0126

Thank You Fresver Beauty Tiong Bahru for the great hospitality and awesome treatment skills! 
Of course, a big thank you to my Favesoffcial for bringing me there!

Good Night! xoxo!
(stop thinking, start booking with them, you won't regret)


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