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A Wanderlust Ambition

Hello Guys!

Just feel like blogging on my personal basis instead of fulfilling a Challenge by Teenage. All 7 Challenges are completed and I really felt that sense of achievement and the determination in  me. It wasn't easy to complete the challenges especially when it is all just a week apart. Thank God, the people in Teenage Magazine are the loveliest people who accommodates all our flaws (including late submissions :x) Sadly, I may not be able to attend the Teenage Gorgeous You Finals because of my shoot schedule. :( Sigh, as much as I would love to attend, (especially after all the hard work of preparing for the challenges) I most probably won't be able to because the Toggle drama I am doing has location constraints and will be shooting on that day. Whatever the results may be, I wish all the fellow finalists the best of luck! It was fun to be in this together with you all!

Back to the topic! I typed "Wanderlust" and it is defined as "a strong desire to travel

Teenage Gorgeous You x Final Challenge 7: Spread Love!

Hello Guys!
So, this is the Final Challenge from Teenage and here I am touching on a topic to spread internet positivism and love! I am going to share a story close to my heart and I hope that you will be inspire and live life fullest regardless of being on the internet or the real world.

Internethas always been the place where I can pen down my inner thoughts and real feelings. As I looked back to the posts, I realized how much and what I've been through during my early teenage years. Obviously, I had my fair share of embarrassment and laughter and went "WTheck, why did i write/post things like that?" (LOL). But I mean, who hasn't been through such ridiculous phase in life.
The most important thing is to alwaysbe yourself, orbe the changeto spread positivity and love to yourself and the people around you. It didn't come across to me how important is it to be yourself till i was older. I was always trying to be someone else because they are so great, so beautiful, s…

Jwanting x Garrett Popcorn!

Hi Guys!

Back from my Bangkok Trip thanks to Luminous Dental a day ago and I am missing the land of smiles already. Love the food, the people, the shopping but not the weather of course. LOL. I can't wait to show you guys my BKK Adventures by Luminous Dental! Wait for it!

As the title goes, a week ago, Garrett Popcorn sent me some HANDCRAFTED HAPPINESS and here I am excitedly showing you guys! Think new and exciting flavour!

Garrett Popcorn came a long way and no doubt they make one of the best popcorn in the world! Founded in 1949, Garrett popcorn has maintain its High Quality Ingredients and the use of old-fashioned copper kettles to create the famous secret recipe. You know how annoying some popcorn are when you find some seeds inside the box and then when you grab a bunch of popcorn, wanting to enjoy a whole mouthful of it, you bite a SEED?!!! HOW ANNOYING. Garrett Popcorn ensures a perfect batch every time it pops the seeds by its privately grown blend of kernels! (YAY!!)


Teenage Gorgeous You x Café Trail – 22nd May 2017

Hi guys! 
Just touched down a few hours ago from Bangkok and here I am updating my blog with Challenge 6 – which is also the second last challenge by Teenage Magazine before the conclusion of the TGY2017! I guess the biggest achievement for me in this entire challenge is to see that I can accomplish all the tasks that were given despite the hectic schedule that was ongoing. The biggest takeaway and satisfaction of being part of Teenage Gorgeous You is that when I look back at my works, I felt a great sense of accomplishment! Additionally, awesome friends and the lovely Teenage Team who are along this journey formed this unforgettable and fun 2 months!
The Teenage Café Trail happened on the 22nd of May 2017 and we were thrown with an unexpected challenge of “on-spot” video making and caption thinking challenge. The agenda on the day was to visit 2 unique and beautiful cafes that serves delicious food! We were put into a team of 2 and we get to carry out our challenges together!

Meet my l…