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Showing posts from September 24, 2012

I'm back to blog but this time round with a motive!
before i start the purpose of this post, let's do it with some pictures! kekeke.

Such a camwhore person how can i missed my own face right. HAHA
anyway, those hairbands cute right! the one in red i got it from korea while the one on the right i got it from chameleon , hougang branch! but the salesperson sucks, because she has this very bad attitude when customer requested something from her. like the item but not for the service. & I am someone if im really angry with your service, i'll walk away. pfffttt

and it was my sis's birthday 2 days ago!
hahaha, this stupid girl doing such thing so late~~
anyway, hope you had a blast 17th! :))) I guess sister's relationship kind of thing is like when you grew older, you begun to cherish your sisters even more. but when we were young, we fight like mad dogs and Im serious. We fought almost every other day. & now my older sister is always not at home, I …