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Showing posts from January 20, 2007


i'm back.
memeME back.:D
ha.was busy after school reopens.

&ytd was a bad bad day.
kimhong was having asthma attack as mr ong scolded her.
shit mr ong la.
kimhong was playing so well already ok.
i knoe SYF is coming,& all instructors are stress up
but cannot scold cos of 1 small thing la.
kartika,was scolded by that stupid ong also.
ong say wad kartika,u pulled the whole band down.
ong have no RIGHTS to say that ok.
make everyone cry.
relax la.go tear scores la.
&shimin cried too):
she was scolded by mr wum.
dont cry ok.just rmb that whenever u saw him tuck in ur shirt can already keas.
no nid to cry.
just rmb when u say him, tuck ur shirt in ok. :)
pingen jie comforted her saying she wana see her smile on her face again(:
so SMILE ok.luvs
pingen jie accompany me while i was alone in the bus.
haha!thanks pingen jie :D

today i went to buy deco things!
wooho!& spend around 40 plus.
was okok la.have to combine both class deco &new yr deco things.