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Shoot x Whipout (by Jeran)

Just sharing some photos shot by Jeran (Instagram: @_whipout_)

Blessed Day <3

Business Study Mission to Taiwan: 8th May to 14th May

BSM Taiwan Trip was indeed an insightful one.
We embarked on a trip to Taiwan to explore the various SMEs.
It was my first time to Taiwan, (Taipei -Taichung) & I was really excited to go there and flaunt my mandarin skills. LOL. Just kidding.
I was really excited to explore the culture there especially after hearing people raving how good Taiwan is.
I kinda prefer Tai Chung to Taipei though, maybe because Taipei is too modernized, a little similar to what we can see in Singapore.
But, Taiwan has been really awesome with wonderful people. ;')

I'm revamping my blog to be less of writing but more pictures instead.
So, here are my groups of 台Baes (trying to learn to be a little pun LOL)

Here's me, ended up like I shopped and eat a lot. (but I didn't ok. HAHHA) 

Forced bobopox to help me to take nice pictures. LOL (vain max)

Here comes my most interesting part of the trip! The food :D We visited Xi Men Ding, Raohe Market and Fengjia (in Taichung)  ALL FOOD WERE FABULOUS…