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Showing posts from May 14, 2008
YOYO dearies! ♥
hehehes! suddenly felt like blogging again.
i scare i have no time to blog again and peeps would ask me to update. LOL
so i update ah, you all must read ah. LOL
and look at the banner on top!
FH2 is airing very very soon!
banner credited to Lily @ Charming_charmaine
Fh2 is going to air on 19th may in hongkong
and definately everyone is anticipating it.
i've saw the trailers of it and WOW, each time the trailers shown, it did not disappoint my show.

it was a success for FH1, thus the second sequel is up with the addition of ah-sheh & kevin cheng! ♥
i really cant wait for the discs to arrive ti singapore!
and my aunt will be renting in DVD form.
3 episodes in one disc, it's faster.
ehehehs. My aunt dosent wanna rent in VCD form. ):
and my aunt promise me to give me the poster of Fh2!
hahahas! :D i am so happy!
Hou Hoi Sum! <3

other than the original 4 casts;
-Bobby Au-yeung
-Yoyo Mung
-Frankie Lam
-Linda Chung

New cast added (:
-Charmaine Sheh
-Kevin Cheng

Linda chung wo…