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Showing posts from April 12, 2008
YOYO dearies! =D
small celebration of early birthday with my cousin today! =)
the choco cake was super delicious~
tomorrow mama will bring me to celebrate my actual birthday! :D
then 19th april will be a grand birthday celebration :DD
hehehes :D

weeellll. Gu ma bought me asuper expensive watch! :D
OMG! & the watch is super duper nice but super duper ex la!
and dawn and tiffy gave me the most creative prezzie! :D
i LOVE it! :D

hehes. :D
2 more hours & MY BIRTHDAY! :DD
omgod! i'm getting super excited :D
& tmr will be hongkong's film awards!
of course i hope lindachung would win for the newcomer cos i'm part of her fan too <3
good luck linda! :DD

and there's a series of my shehjie showing on cable tv!
she acted with Moses Chan.
not the dance of passion.
And super trio is showing on cable pretty soon too.
shown on advertistment already! :D

stop here :)
Bye dearies! :D