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Showing posts from August 6, 2008

Hello Everybody! :D 大家好!

Hello dearies! :D
it's 2:35AM now!
i haven go to bed! LOL!
probably cause just now i went for facial slept like a log.
although it's SUPER PAINFUL! LOL!
but i guessed i'm too tired, that's why.

i've finished my F&N test on monday
and my efforts really paid off.
i knew all the questions except for 1.
i'm super nervous and scared now!
cos i'm getting back my history results tmr! (6 Aug)
i've always had high expectations for history.
but i think i screwed up the picture side and there goes my ace):
i hope i scored well.

♥ Dawn: HAHAHS! you shut up la! AJISEN! LOL!

♥ Litingg gajei : HAHAHS! ooooo! then quickly top up your card laa! LOL! singapore? really? how come i shouted for you, you never reply me? LOL! LAME! HAHAHAA! i'm at HOME :D HOME SWEET HOME! :D haha! ANOTHER LAME ONE! xD

♥ Issy : Hello! HAAHAS! :) YEA! we are both similiar :D HAHAAA. sure! you're link already! :D hahahas! xD

♥ Pamela : I've changed the layout, hopefully you will…