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Showing posts from January 4, 2011
sorry am a little late but better than nothing right? i had an awesome countdown with the awesome people! (you know who you guys are!) HAHAH! :D it was pretty crazy to be there early in the morning la. HAHA. but it was all worth it because i was with the awesome people. its very difficult to describe the joy found during our waiting time. :p i just have to say im really blessed to have these people with me. (:

IT WAS REALLY CRAZY. HAHA. but its all worth it when we get to see her, together with the awesome people.

and RUIVIN fans, make some noise! HAHA. i shall not elaborate much la huh, wanna see how sweet is ruivin? search YOUTUBE! HAHA>> RUI EN @ serangoon swing 2011! and you'll know why Ruivin fans heart will melt! :p HAHAH :D it was really SWEET that makes me go "awww" the entire day! :p And yeps, she sang 2 songs, which without doubt, its awesome. (:

RBKD train and CWO. :] sitting in the middle of the roadside, taking our own sweet pretty time taking p…